How to using the Shortest Route Finder

Using the Shortest Route Finder Shortest Route Tool

After the Shortest Route Finder is selected, there are 2 text boxes abailable: From and To. You can find the shortest route between the From address and the To address.  You can input an address in 2 ways. (1) If you know City facility name, for example, City Hall, you can type City Hall. As you type, the auto-completion list will show up, you can select the address. (2) You can type an Address, as you type, the auto-completion list will pop up to guide you to select the address.

Shortest Route Auto-Complete Shortest Route Auto-Complete Shortest Route Auto-Complete

After the From (start address) and the To (end address) text boxes are filled, and Click the Find Route Button, the shortest Route will be shown up on the Map as a pink line with the start address and the end address as red dots, and the Turn-by-Turn Directions table will also be shown up on the Map. You can click the Close Button on the Shortest Route Finder to turn off/on the Turn-by-Turn Directions table. If you don't want to see the shortest route line on the Map, you can click the Clear Roue on the Shortest Route Finder.

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If you have any comments and suggestions on the Shortest Route Finder, you can drop a line to Nigel Forster, GIS Superintendent, at, or call him at 403-529-8101. You can also reach Steve Xu, GIS Programmer Analyst, by email or by phone at 403-502-8026